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PCB Market in India
View: 4900  From: Excellence PCB  Date: 2014-11-22

According to Innovative Business Enterprises, the demand for PCBs in India is expected to grow to over 45 million sq m by 2014, translating to an impressive CAGR of 17 per cent. While India is exporting about 24 per cent of its PCB production to the US, Germany, Malaysia, Austria, Belgium, etc, it has a fairly large domestic market to cater to. The main demand for PCBs comes from the consumer electronics, industrial and automotive electronics markets, as well as from power and telecommunications. Electronics Bazaar has attempted to rank the Top 12 PCB manufacturers in India on the basis of their revenues for the FY 2010-11, which was verified from the website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA), Government of India. Unfortunately, as none of the companies, barring a couple, have filed their current revenues with the MCA, we had to rank them based on the previous year's turnover.

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